Boy saves brother as tree falls on house

 JOSH Honeysett may be only eight years old but he knew exactly what he had to do when a massive gum tree crashed through the ceiling of his family’s house at  the weekend.

He jumped over to shelter his little brother Cooper as gyprock and other debris rained down.

‘‘It could have hit him in the head,’’ Josh said yesterday, explaining he protected his brother because ‘‘I love him lots’’.

The two boys  were sitting in their lounge room at Eleebana watching the footy – the Roosters were playing the Tigers –   about 8pm on Saturday.

It was pouring rain and windy outside.

Suddenly, the  gum tree from next door crashed through the roof.

Their mum, Renae Honeysett, described how  Josh  leapt to the defence of  five-year-old Cooper.

‘‘It’s awesome for someone of eight to think to save someone like that,’’ Mrs Honeysett said.

‘‘The gyprock hit Josh on the back, but there’s no injuries, thank God.’’

It was a close thing. If the pair had been sitting 20centimetres to one side ‘‘they’d be dead’’, Mrs Honeysett said.

Dean Honeysett, who was in another room doing bookwork, said it was scary thinking about what could have happened.

‘‘I’m glad the kids are alive, that’s all I’m worried about,’’ Mr Honeysett said. ‘‘The house can be fixed.’’

The damage bill would be $50,000 to $100,000, Mrs Honeysett said.

‘‘We’ve got no pergola, no lounge room, no dining room, no laundry and half a garage,’’ she said.

‘‘We’re totally insured, thank God.’’ 

Mrs Honeysett said she thought it was a ‘‘clap of thunder’’.

‘‘That must have been the roots ripping out of the ground,’’ she said.

‘‘Then it hit the pergola and came through the roof.

‘‘It was an almighty bang and crash, with glass splitting and tiles coming onto the floor.’’

Mrs Honeysett said she panicked at first because she and her husband couldn’t find the children.

‘‘They’d got up and run into another room,’’ she said.

Yesterday, the couple were still cleaning up.

‘‘We’ve still got bits of tree hanging out of the rafters,’’ she said.

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