LETTER: Get back to three 'Rs'

I WRITE with regard to Peter Garrett's comments on the education of children ("Reading push in pipeline" Herald 25/2). How in the world are children going to learn English when news readers, politicians and teachers pronounce the word English as "Inglish"?

How can children learn English when politicians, particularly the prime minister, pronounce words like better as "betta", or "didjya" for did you, "wanna" and "gunna".

I could go on and on, and I despair.

The problem is not with the teachers and not the children.

The problem is with the curriculum. There is not enough emphasis on the three "Rs" - reading, writing and arithmetic.

Too much emphasis is given to extraneous subjects.

Our children are not getting the basics down. As a result, many parents I know are spending their hard-earned money to get private tuition.

Shouldn't we expect that that's what they learn at school in the first place? So much for education in the 21st century.

Patricia Hewson, Hamilton East

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