REVIEW: Neil Young difficult pill to swallow

TO the average punter, Neil Young stands for Heart of Gold and Old Man and the folkie movement of the 1970s.

But there’s another side to Young – the feedback-drenched hard rock he belts out with Crazy Horse – and it was this side of his personality that was on stage last night at A Day on the Green at Bimbadgen.

Much of the show was given over to songs from Crazy Horse’s new double-CD, Psychedelic Pill,  and the two slower interludes – a few songs with an acoustic guitar and one on piano – were again mostly unfamiliar material.

Down in the mosh-pit, the new numbers were going down well, but the transcendent lift that came with the classics – Powderfinger, Hey Hey My My – was only there in dribs and drabs.

 Online this morning, the reviews have been mixed.

But this on the Day on the Green facebook site probably sums up the reaction:

‘‘. . . if the booing wasnt enough as a guide that the crowd wasnt enjoying the concert. Singing "you’re a f..k up" over and over again for half an hour. We left prematurely. Was NOT worth the price we paid.’’

The support acts were Melbourne band Husky and inner-city darlings the Drones. 

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