Love your food, love your family 

WITH one Australian dying every 12 minutes from heart disease, stroke or blood vessel disease, researchers at the University of Newcastle are working to help spread the heart smart message.

The Love Your Food, Love Your Heart, Love Your Family study is testing ways to help families live and eat for a healthier heart under the leadership of dietitian Professor Clare Collins and PhD candidate Tracy Schumacher.

The second phase of the study, which will start in the coming weeks, will focus on helping individuals lower their cardiovascular disease risk through lifestyle changes rather than using medication.

The study is being recognised during National Nutrition Week, allowing the University of Newcastle to showcase its research into nutrition and dietetics.

Ms Schumacher said it was vital that families were made aware of the risks to their health.

‘‘Unfortunately for some families it is only when a parent or grandparent experiences a heart attack or stroke that a family history of cardiovascular disease is revealed,’’ Ms Schumacher said.

‘‘The good news is that research has given us a lot of new information about heart healthy eating patterns that improve heart health and lower risk of having a second cardiovascular disease event.’’

Ms Schumacher said that supporting each other to adopt healthy eating patterns could also prevent heart disease and stroke in other family members, not just those at highest risk.

For more information on the study, call 49216259 or email FoodHeartFamily

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