Nutrition week: Eat yourself beautiful

FORGET expensive skin creams – a University of Newcastle study is aiming to find out if chomping on a carrot or grabbing a handful of berries can make your skin more beautiful.

The research could serve as an extra incentive to eat your five serves of vegies and two pieces of fruit each day by proving it can make you look better. 

Focusing on women aged 18 to 30, the study’s participants are being given a box of healthy produce each week over 2  months.

PhD candidate Dr Kristine Pezdirc said they would then measure the amount of carotenoids in the skin.

This is an antioxidant that gives vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes their bright colour.

After being digested these carotenoids appear in the skin and can give it a healthier glow.

‘‘The first study has commenced and 17 women are participating but we’re looking for a new round of women in January,’’ Dr Pezdirc said.

‘‘There have been some studies done in Scotland on this but particularly in young women they have a poor fruit and vegetable consumption,’’ she said.

To participate in the next round of research   contact Dr Pezdirc on 4921 7374 or

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