TOPICS: Parents see their lad in ad

WE’VE had tidings from Scotland, and guess what about? ... Yep.

‘‘My son was the kilted streaker at the Australia-Scotland game,’’ says a nice lady who wrote to us from East Lothian, near Edinburgh.

Ah, their first words. First steps. First tentative streak. Precious moments for any mum.

And in case the neighbours missed it, the lad’s moment snap-frozen in time half a world away has been made into an ad.

‘‘My husband was watching ESPN sports and the ad for the Fiji game has my son on it, thankfully not a full frontal,’’ mum tells us.

‘‘He just about choked on his tea.’’

The streaker, we can reveal, is a 22-year-old chap on a year-long trip who works in hospitality in Bondi.

Things could get a bit tense next time he goes home, but we have a feeling his mum just wants to give him a hug.

‘‘To be honest I could have killed him when I heard what had happened,’’ she tells us.

‘‘But he was excited and happy about the result so I will let him off.’’

That post-game head clash has had a clear winner and a bloodied loser.

Scotland winger Joe Ansbro, who came off second-best in the celebration gone wrong, needed a total of 48 stitches.

Flanker Alasdair Strokosch, the owner of the giant bald head that collided with Ansbro’s, needed four.

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