No good news for those on pension

THE budget brought little joy to Hunter pensioners who will continue to go hungry and struggle without heating during winter simply so they can make ends meet and pay their bills.

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Maritime Union of Australia veteran and Pensioners NSW liaison officer Fred Krausert, of Cessnock, said yesterday’s budget provided no joy for pensioners who would continue to ‘‘go without’’ just to survive.

‘‘The state still is not providing adequate housing and there are 90,000 people nationally who are homeless, most of them older ladies,’’ Mr Krausert said.

‘‘That’s a hell of a worry for us. Another concern is that the government plans sacking 10,000 public servants to supplement the pension, which is not a great outcome.’’

Mr Krausert described the budget as ‘‘a smoothie’’ and one that did not look healthy when you got into the nitty gritty.

‘‘At the end of the day the government will just keep coming up with promises and continue to break them and with massive rises in power, water, rates and groceries the future for pensioners remains bleak,’’ he said.

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