FISHING: Sealing deal to end day out

LIKE many fisherman, it has a bristly face, bad breath and can’t tell when enough is enough.

A seal has been seen around Salts Bay and entered Lake Macquarie recently, causing a stir for father and son Les and Stephen Golder, up for a week’s break from Penrith, when they thought it was about to board their boat.

They told their story to Jason Nunn, from Fisherman’s Warehouse at Marks Point.

“I sent them over to Coal Point ,” Nunn said. “They got a couple of tailor and a few salmon. But they said there was the biggest seal they’ve seen for many a day over there.

“While they were winding in a tailor, they saw this big seal suddenly start chasing it.

“The young bloke was winding as quickly as he could and the seal was doing the big ‘porpoise’.

“He ended up having to flick the lure with the tailor on it into the boat and it hooked him in the back of his shirt.

“They swore the seal was coming into the back of the boat, it was coming that fast and that hard but it stopped about a metre short.”

The seal then circled the boat and wouldn’t leave them alone. ‘‘They just couldn’t get a fish after that and had to leave.”

See some of the past Fish of the Week winners by clicking on the image below.

Suck in some salmon

WHILE the seal has been feasting, anglers have been partying on Australian salmon.

“There are salmon everywhere,” Nunn said. “There’s salmon in the lake as far up as Teralba, in Belmont Bay, Fishing Point and Rathmines. A heap of fish have come in during that bad weather.”

Nunn said he counted 37 boats between Swansea Bridge and Swansea Heads on Saturday.

“One of the boys who got there earlier was telling me there were more,” he said. “Everybody was hooked up. I fished with my son Pat and Pete Simms and, honestly, triple hook-ups continually. Just going nana they were.”

Yep, he said “nana”.

“I’ve never seen so many fellas having so much fun. Everyone was yahooing and calling out and whistling.”

Jewies are still about

NUMBERS might be down with the colder weather but school jew are still being caught in the lake.

Chris McInerney, from Belmont, caught a 4kg jewfish on a lure near Fishing Point, Nunn said.

“He was chasing a few tailor and saw something on the fish finder,” he said.

“He wasn’t sure what it was. It looked like baitfish with something on the side of it. He thought he should have a quick throw. He pulled up and had a plastic lure with him. Cast it out and might have done only two lifts then bang, straight on ....

“You’ve just got to keep your eye on what’s going on down the bottom.”

Swansea Bridge, Black Neds Bay, Salts Bay and Lucys Wall were all producing luderick.

Kingfish crowning glory

KINGFISH have been in among the salmon and tailor, says Nick Maffey, from Freddy’s Fishing World, who has caught kingies up to 70cm in the lake and channel.

In Newcastle Harbour, the freshwater run-off had also been pushing baitfish out of the Hunter River system and bringing in jewfish from the harbour mouth to Hexham.

“Salmon have also been moving into the harbour and are being caught off Nobbys breakwall,” Maffey said.

Almost all quiet at Port

AT Port Stephens, there’s been the occasional success story among some quiet fishing due to the poor conditions.

Plenty of luderick were off the breakwall in Nelson Bay and around The Tubes at Tomaree, Graham Duffy, from Salamander Bait and Tackle, said.

“They’ve also been getting bream, squire and a few tailor coming through at The Tubes,” he said.

“There are still a few jewfish hanging around in the bay around Middle Island and the deep water off Soldier Point.”

Duffy said an angler caught a couple of jewfish, one about 8kg, in the Port on the weekend on live bait.

Access to Stockton Beach will remain closed this weekend due to erosion.

Flat-out effort for title

SCOTT Nugent has wrapped up the 2011-12 open championship title at Charlestown Fishing Club with a real live one.

Club president Ray Stenhouse said Nugent brought in some nice flathead from Lake Macquarie on Sunday for the club’s final weigh-in of the year.

The best flathead, at 5kg, was kept alive in an Esky filled with saltwater and released back into the lake.

Nugent can lift his trophy at the club’s presentation night at Charlestown Golf Club at 6pm on August 11. Cost is $25 a head and newcomers are welcome.

Patrick Nunn was the season’s junior champion angler and Sam Whyburn took out the women’s championship.

Paul Harvey weighed in good snapper up to 4.8kg from Broughton Island, all hooked on soft plastics.

The club hosts a monthly fishing competition. They also have regular away outings. For more details, call Stenhouse on 0427278049.

Meanwhile, Stenhouse got a nice catch recently at Edith Breakers.

“We got some fish which I haven’t seen for a few years, some amberjack, up about 3kg,’’ he said.

He believes Broughton Island is going to offer some great snapper this winter.

“With the snapper coming in to breed it’s a good thing and all the stir-up [from recent storms] gets the feed happening.’’

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