My stamp of approval

MY heartfelt thanks to the postal worker who retrieved my unstamped letter from a Newcastle East post box on Sunday night. It had been a quick dash across the park between yet another bout of torrential rain. As soon as I let the letter go I realised my error. It was a letter to my mum, now in her 80s, with Newcastle Herald photos and clippings of the Parnell Place shelling, which she remembers clearly as a child living nearby.

In my desperation I returned home and wrote a hurried note which I sticky-taped to the outside of the postal collection box, pleading for the return of my unstamped letter. I returned home in the rain full of self recrimination – not only no stamp, but no return address.

Next afternoon my heart filled as I retrieved from my letterbox my letter, with the same soggy note taped to the back. It was like finding a lost thong on the beach after a storm – impossible. We may be a time-poor society but this story negates that misplaced perception and honours those who take the time.

Bronwyn Agnew, Newcastle East

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