Conflicting stories in Hilliary death trial

Scott O'Heir told police someone called Derek borrowed his clothes and shoes then returned them on the day Singleton grandmother Hilliary Allen was robbed and killed, a Supreme Court jury heard yesterday.

Mr O'Heir has pleaded not guilty to the robbery and murder of Mrs Allen, 82, in her Boonal Street home on March 2, 2009.

She was found dead on the floor of her garage by one of her sons, the jury heard.

Crown prosecutor Peter Barnett SC said Mr O'Heir and his girlfriend Cheyenne Anderson gave interviews to police after they were arrested at Oberon about a month after Mrs Allen's death.

Mr O'Heir, 28, told police he loaned his clothes and shoes to a man called Derek on the day of the robbery.

Mr O'Heir said the clothes and some other items were later returned.

Mr Barnett told the jury Mrs Allen's blood was on some of the clothing, which was found under the floorboards of Mr O'Heir's George Street home, and shoe prints were found in Mrs Allen's blood in her home.

Defence barrister Nicolas Moir told the jury Mr O'Heir and Ms Anderson will both give evidence at the trial and two versions of events will emerge.

Mr O'Heir's version will be that Ms Anderson entered Mrs Allen's home first before there was some sort of confrontation between Ms Anderson and Mrs Allen.

Mr Moir said Mr O'Heir is expected to testify that Ms Anderson ran past Mr O'Heir before he tried to assist Mrs Allen.

Ms Anderson is expected to testify she did not enter the home and it was Mr O'Heir who tried to rob Mrs Allen.

The trial will resume before acting Justice David Freeman on Monday.

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