Wallsend No.2 Oval trashed by vandals

VANDALS caused thousands of dollars worth of damage at Wallsend and Stockton, leaving a football club and many residents counting the cost yesterday.

Wallsend Football Club has been left with nowhere to play after its headquarters was severely damaged by a hooligan driving a car onto Wallsend No.2 Oval late on Saturday or early Sunday morning.

Secretary Kim Lockwood said the Wallsend club had 19 junior teams, two all-age and one over-35s side that would be without a ground for about three to four weeks because of the damage.

Goal posts at both ends of the club’s main ground were smashed and the car trashed the majority of the field, leaving tyre tracks 40 to 50 centimetres deep in some sections.

President Ross Hicks said repairs would cost the club more than $2000.

He said the field was the club’s main training venue after lights were installed last year.

‘‘We’ve spoken to police and they’re chasing up what they can but no one reported seeing or hearing anything throughout the night,’’ Mr Hicks said.

More than 20 Stockton residents suffered extensive damage to their homes after a graffiti rampage through the streets late on Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Resident Alison Webster woke on Saturday to find a laneway-facing the side of her King Street home covered in tags and scrawl.

‘‘I woke up and my little boy said ‘mummy someone’s drawn pictures on our house’,’’ she said.

Discovering graffiti, Miss Webster reported the crime.

‘‘When I was on the phone to police I looked, it’s on along the house, all along the fence line and down the lane, about 20 houses or so.

‘‘It’s thousands of dollars worth of damage.’’

Miss Webster said the trail of destruction was across two streets.

She said she was irate about the vandals’ recklessness.

‘‘The community just doesn’t need it,’’ she said. ‘‘This whole lane was just trashed.’’

Miss Webster said she believed that the vandals, if caught, should be made to rectify the damage.

‘‘I want all the owners and tenants to watch them clean it up,’’ she said.

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