TOPICS: Sticky situation for parents and kids

We’re all for the 28-day scream-free parenting challenge, but could the Hunter’s kids be doing more to discourage their mums and dads from raising their voices?

We think so. Case in point: Westfield Kotara on Saturday.

A little boy who looked about three was locked in a dispute with his weary mum.

We’re not sure what started it, but it was clear the little boy’s insistence on placing his giant lollypop directly on a plush seat wasn’t going to ease the tension.

‘‘Harrison, I’m very unhappy with you at this moment,’’ hissed mum.

Harrison lurched to his feet and toddled away. Mum put in three big strides and caught him within a few metres. She seized him by the arm and yelled.


And you know what? Harrison was kind of stunned. His resistance evaporated.

That, to us, is sending your parent the wrong message: it’s a waste of time trying to reason with me, but I’ll fall in line the second you scream.

What Harrison should’ve done before mum reached her tipping point was say: ‘‘Mum, thanks for your honesty and I’m going to let you finish, but I need you to understand where I’m coming from. You’ve bought me this all-day sucker and put me on this seat, and it’s hard for someone my age to resist the urge to put a sticky lolly on a cushioned surface.’’

So come on, kids. Help us help you. Don’t reward screaming.

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