Serious on speeding

FURTHER to Greg Harborne (‘‘Can’t trust politicians’’ Letters 15/6), how about the unkept pre-election promises made to motorists? Premier Barry O’Farrell and Regional Infrastructure and Services minister Andrew Stoner claimed speed cameras were only Labor revenue-raisers. ‘‘We’ll make life better for motorists,’’ they said. They disabled a few fixed cameras – but replaced them with roving camera vans, then implied the increased revenue meant that ‘‘speed-crazy drivers’’ were being taught a lesson.

But where is that penalty money coming from? The pockets of ordinary citizens, drivers trapped by cameras in sneaky spots, catching those watching the road more than speed signs. We already have far too much accident trauma caused by inattention and now drivers are forced to check their speedos every few seconds to avoid financial trauma.

A driver’s most treasured possession is his licence. So instead of fines, increase the demerit points – punish the driver rather than the family, and save its housekeeping money.

Max Stahl, Wingen

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