Stem cells help Connor have progress in sight

A controversial stem cell procedure appears to be helping blind Charlestown boy Connor Wink, who is reporting marked improvements after three rounds of the treatment in China.

The Newcastle Herald started to follow Connor's progress in 2009 when he travelled to China for a series of five umbilical blood stem cell injections over a month.

Young Denman girl Holly Arvidson also travelled to China for the treatment but unfortunately has not experienced the same success as Connor.

Connor's mum Tracey Wink said doctors have acknowledged that Connor is getting changes in his eyes.

"Not so much changes in his vision but he has gone from having no light perception to distinguishing when lights are on and off, he can also tell if it's sunny or cloudy and can recognise movement," Mrs Wink said.

"When we were in China earlier this year we were staying opposite a karaoke bar, which had bright neon lights flashing.

"It was six lanes of traffic across the other side of the road but Connor knew when there were changes in the light sequence."

Connor wants to return to China for another round of treatment in 2014 and the family is fund-raising for the trip.

Connor busks at Charlestown Square near Reading Cinema and has released two CDs as part of the fund-raising campaign.

He also performed the John Lennon classic Imagine at Starstruck.

The CD can be bought by contacting Mrs Wink on 0413 996 563.

Connor's Starstruck performance can also be seen on YouTube.

"I don't think he will regain full vision, don't get me wrong I have witnessed that [in China] but we are just taking it one step at a time and we are so happy he is making gains," Mrs Wink said.

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