Roast happy to bask in admiration

IN the Hunter transport network, the roads and rail lines are populated by two separate yet equally important groups: the people who commute to work, and the goats they pass each morning.

These are their stories.

Goat 1: Roast the Goat, of Taylors Beach.

It’s a good time to be Roast the Goat.

In the space of two months he’s become an uncle and reached 100 likes on Facebook.

Roast’s supporters threw a party to celebrate his burgeoning popularity, with hats and balloons and everything. Their hero gobbled an entire cabbage and climbed Snoopy-style onto the roof of his kennel. That’s Roast’s signature move.

Port Stephens’ most beloved land mammal whiles away the days in a big yard off Port Stephens Drive.

His online followers eagerly await updates.

‘‘I’m a lucky goat, I’ve just been wormed’’ - March 29.

‘‘OK, I think I may get hoof rot. This weather is not good for goats!’’ - April 17.

Most thrillingly of all, Roast has declared himself an uncle to Wyatt, a border collie puppy born last week in his yard.

Congratulations, Roast, from all of us at Topics.

Goat 2: Kotara Goat, of Kotara railway station.

Kotara Goat has been, for years, the most entertaining thing about Kotara station.

That mightn’t sound like much.

The second-most entertaining thing, after all, is taking an inventory of the gum caked to the seats. The third-most is the guy who asks for smokes.

But Kotara Goat makes waiting for a train bearable. He does this in two ways.

First, by munching thoughtfully on trackside vegetation.

Second, by tweeting. Not bleating, mind. By getting on Twitter and commenting on things as disparate as apostrophes and vegetarianism. (Warning: his language is rather blue).

But despite his prolific tweeting, Kotara Goat is missing. In real life, we mean. He used to roam a yard on Grinsell Street that backs onto the tracks, however, no one’s seen him for a while.

We’re keen to hear where he is. Does anyone have word on the whereabouts of Kotara Goat?

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