Mystery over fate of missing fishing mates

RELATIVES of teenager Trey Adamson are convinced someone knows something about his disappearance.

Mr Adamson, 18, of Gateshead, and his friend Ben Winn, 20, of Windale, are feared drowned after a fishing trip to Flat Rock on June 16 with Mr Adamson’s girlfriend Niranda Blair, 18, of Edgeworth, ended in tragedy.

Ms Blair’s body was found the next day on Ghosties Beach, Frazer Park.

Mr Adamson’s uncle, Douglas Elliott, has combed the coast from dawn to dusk every day since, along with the teen’s mother Tracey, other family and friends. ‘‘The only thing that places them in that area is their shoes and the fact they were more than likely with Niranda, because Trey and Niranda were together all the time,’’ he said. ‘‘We’re all struggling at the moment because there are major pieces of the puzzle missing.’’

Mr Elliott said police had found shoes believed to belong to the men as well as a pair of ugg boots, a jacket, a packet of cigarettes and a tackle box.

He said all the shoes were found 25 metres away from Flat Rock, but this seemed odd as Mr Adamson usually wore shoes when he was rock fishing and it was unlikely the trio had walked barefoot over the sharp rocks.

Mr Elliott said his nephew would usually cast his rod a distance away from his companions to ensure lines didn’t get tangled.

He had been given a new white rod for a birthday gift in the days before his disappearance and Ms Blair also had a new rod. They kept their fishing gear in her car.

Mr Adamson often wore a hat and took a bucket of frozen bait and a backpack when fishing.

None of these items have been found.

‘‘Someone must have seen something,’’ he said.

‘‘If someone has walked past and found their stuff, seen their rods sitting on the rock, it would help us make sense of the whole situation.’’

Mr Elliott has renewed his appeal to the public to contact police with any information, even if they do so anonymously.

‘‘There’s nowhere we haven’t looked, there’s no rock unturned, there’s no piece of sand we haven’t walked on,’’ he said.

Mr Elliott said they would continue searching for the men.

‘‘Everything is hurting and we’re that strung out, our bodies are saying stop ... We just want to bring them home.’’

Wyong inspector Keith Ross said police were investigating several possibilities as to why no other belongings had been retrieved.

‘‘The water, from my understanding, swirls around inside that bay, things go onto the bottom, they could be very quickly covered with sand, they could be washed out of the bay and elsewhere.’’ he said last night.

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