Solar set to shine

SOLAR could become a new avenue for homes and businesses to cut some of the carbon tax costs, Brett Mills believes.

The Solar Online Australia sales and marketing manager said the Warners Bay business was bracing for a bump in business as the extra costs appeared.

"You have to expect an increase in business moving forward," Mr Mills said.

"We're expecting more and more people to invest in solar as a way of [reducing costs]."

Mr Mills said that while direct power costs might not be projected for huge rises, it was difficult to calculate how hard on-costs could hit.

He said the highly-competitive solar industry could help alleviate those costs, particularly for businesses.

"What they can't calculate is what [the carbon tax] is going to cost you for everything else," Mr Mills said. "Long term you are going to see companies . . . look to lower their energy output through solar and other products."

Matt Carr

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