Trial over Hilliary Allen's death continues in court

SCOTT O’Heir did not ring triple-0 to get help for Hilliary Allen ‘‘Cos I wasn’t thinking properly and I’m a coward’’, a Supreme Court jury heard this morning.

Mr O’Heir’s evidence from a previous trial was played to Newcastle Supreme Court this morning before Mr O’Heir is expected to give evidence this afternoon.

During the recording, Mr O’Heir gave his version of what happened in Mrs Allen’s Singleton home on the afternoon of March 2, 2009.

Mr O’Heir said his girlfriend Cheyenne Anderson entered Mrs Allen’s home first after asking to use Mrs Allen’s phone.

Mr O’Heir said that there was a ‘‘commotion’’ between Mrs Allen and Ms Anderson before Mrs Allen yelled ‘‘Get out, get out, someone help me’’.

Ms Anderson left the unit with Mrs Allen’s wallet while Mr O’Heir tried to help Mrs Allen, he said.

When asked why he didn’t call triple-0, Mr O’Heir was heard to reply; ‘‘Cos I wasn’t thinking properly and I’m a coward.’’

Mrs Allen died from blood loss that was the result of a leg wound.

Mr O’Heir has pleaded not guilty to murder.

The trial continues.

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