"I wasn't thinking clearly": O'Heir trial continues

SCOTT O’Heir said he helped Hilliary Allen to the bathroom of her Singleton home so he could find something to treat the bloody wound on her leg, but he struggled to explain to a jury this morning why he didn’t use any of the towels in the bathroom.

‘‘Look, I said I wasn’t thinking clearly,’’ Mr O’Heir told Newcastle Supreme Court.

He said he found Mrs Allen lying on the floor of her bedroom after there was a ‘‘commotion’’ between Mrs Allen and Mr O’Heir’s girlfriend Cheyenne Anderson.

He said Mrs Allen’s leg was bleeding and he helped her up off the ground and walked her into the bathroom to find something to treat the wound.

He said he couldn’t find anything, so he walked her back to the bedroom and sat her on the bed before he found a towel in a linen closet.

He said he pressed the towel against Mrs Allen’s leg then left.

Crown prosecutor Peter Barnett SC asked Mr O’Heir how he could have the presence of mind to walk Mrs Allen into the bathroom to help her, but he didn’t think to use any of the towels in the bathroom.

Mr O’Heir answered that question and others by saying ‘‘I wasn’t thinking clearly.’’

Mr Barnett suggested that the real reason Mr O’Heir walked Mrs Allen into the bathroom was so she could show him where she kept a money tin, but Mr O’Heir said that wasn’t true.

Mr O’Heir has pleaded not guilty to the robbery and murder of Mrs Allen in her Boonal Street home on March 1, 2009.

The trial continues.

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