Cleaning up is easy

I HAVE recently moved to Newcastle from Brisbane and have been enjoying early morning walks along the shore from Merewether to Bar Beach, with my wife and our dog. There aren’t too many places with such a beautiful view and the environment in which to enjoy it.

But this area is being ruined by the amount of dog mess that is being left on the footpath by irresponsible dog owners. I feel sorry for other path users, who constantly have to avoid stepping or riding in this mess. I make sure I clean up my dog’s mess every time. It’s not hard to carry a bag with you and there are plenty of bins to use. It shouldn’t be considered embarrassing to clean up after your dog – that is part of the obligation you agreed to when you took on a pet. Consider your fellow path users and take some pride in the area you live in, by cleaning up your dog’s mess. It is people who don’t do it who will ruin it for everyone when they decide to ban dogs from certain areas.

Rylan Loemker, Merewether

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