O’Heir’s version ‘a load of rot’: court

Scott O’Heir might be ‘‘a large, inept idiot’’, but that did not mean he was lying about why he was in Hilliary Allen’s house when she was robbed and injured, Mr O’Heir’s barrister told a jury yesterday.

Nicolas Moir told Newcastle Supreme Court that the prosecution case against Mr O’Heir had ‘‘holes in it’’ and ‘‘doesn’t gel’’, but Crown prosecutor Peter Barnett SC said the jury could sit back and consider Mr O’Heir’s version of events ‘‘for the load of rot it is’’.

Mr O’Heir, 28, pleaded not guilty to the robbery and murder of Mrs Allen in her Singleton home on March 1, 2009.

He told the jury that it was his girlfriend, Cheyenne Anderson, who had a ‘‘commotion’’ with Mrs Allen before Ms Anderson fled with Mrs Allen’s wallet.

Mr O’Heir said he tried to help Mrs Allen before he left.

Mrs Allen, 82, died from blood loss as a result of a wound to her right leg.

Mr Barnett said the blood trail in the unit with Mr O’Heir’s shoe prints in it, coupled with more than 20 bruises to Mrs Allen’s body, was consistent with Mr O’Heir walking Mrs Allen against her will in search of valuables.

Mr O’Heir previously said he walked Mrs Allen to the bathroom in the hope of finding something to treat her wound before he returned her to the bedroom and sat her on the bed.

Mr Barnett said that was a lie because there were towels in the bathroom that Mr O’Heir could have used, but didn’t, while Mr O’Heir said he got Mrs Allen a towel from a linen closet before he left.

‘‘Where’s the towel with all the blood on it?’’ Mr Barnett asked.

‘‘Must be off in fairy land because it’s a fairytale.’’

Mr Moir said a towel was found with blood on it.

Mr Barnett said the recordings from a listening device that was planted in Mr O’Heir and Ms Anderson’s caravan before they were arrested also proved Mr O’Heir was the principal offender.

In the recordings, Mr O’Heir referred to Mrs Allen as ‘‘an old slut’’ whom he ‘‘left downstairs’’ after taking her wallet.

Mr Moir said the recordings were ‘‘unsavoury’’ and from a man ‘‘who was angry with the world’’, but they did not disprove Mr O’Heir’s version of events.

Acting Justice David Freeman will provide his directions and summing up to the jury today.

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