FISHING: Griffo striking for luddy luck

LUDERICK and drummer are fantastic species to target in winter, and are especially plentiful off rock shelves and breakwalls throughout the Hunter at the moment.

Jets striker Ryan Griffiths has been immersing himself in the dark arts of luderick fishing, and his hard work is starting to pay off.

‘‘I have a spot I go to on the harbour,’’ Ryan explained yesterday.

‘‘I’m only a beginner, but day by day in my spare time, when the kids are asleep, I’ve been practising and getting some.

‘‘ [The Jets] have a week off this week, so every day I’ve been getting down there and I’ve come home each day with three luderick, but I’ve usually caught 10.

‘‘There’s a lot about.’’

Ryan, an avid angler, is old school when it comes to learning techniques.

Like a good hunter, he observes from afar before making his move.

‘‘It pays to watch the blackfishermen,’’ Ryan explained.

‘‘Say g’day each time and after two weeks you might get a ‘humph’.

‘‘After a month they might say ‘hello’.

‘‘And then after that you start talking and you find out where they’re getting their weed, what rig they’re using in what conditions.

‘‘They have a lot of knowledge and it’s a real art.’’

Click on the image above to see some of the past Fish of the Week winners.

Drums go bang

RYAN is also keen on drummer fishing and has a special spot ‘‘in the ‘‘Merewether area’’, as he chose to put it enigmatically.

He was visiting the spot this week with his son and noticed a ‘‘trespasser’’, so he went over for a chat.

‘‘It was a perfect day, the swell was dead flat and this guy had one drummer, 51cm,’’ Ryan said.

‘‘But then he said he’d actually caught 30 that day and given most of them away to a bunch of surfers who’d come along.

‘‘The guy said they were all legal and had been caught within three hours.’’

Hour of power

MAKING the most of his week off, Ryan headed over to Eraring Power Station to check out the luderick fishing and witnessed, to his surprise, an angler pull in a metre-plus-long kingfish.

He said a few guys got them on the Monday.

‘‘From all reports there’s none there now, just that day, but with the warm water it’s always a bit of a mystery bag what you’re gonna get there,’’ he said.

Tailor suits

IN further Jets fishing news, new recruit James Brown loves his fishing and has been getting into the tailor after Ryan showed him another of his ‘‘spots’’.

And the team’s Ruben Zadkovich is up in Arnhem Land this week on a fishing safari.

Haul away, Lily

IAN Sharkey and mate Pete Marsh got out last weekend off Swansea and hooked four grouper, 13 drummer and ‘‘quite a few respectable pinkies’’.

Meanwhile, four-year-old Lily Skinner, of Gateshead, went fishing for the first time on Wednesday and caught a magnificent 42cm whiting on blood worms at Salts Bay.

Tyler turns up trumps

FISH of the Week winner Tyler Ford, 7, from Belmont North, thought he was snagged last week when he cast off Lucy’s Wall at Swansea with his bream fishing gear.

Only when his reel started running did he realise he was onto something big.

‘‘When he saw the salmon jump about 30metres out from him, everyone on the wall knew he was onto a salmon, his excitement took hold and he was yelling: ‘It’s a salmon, it’s a salmon!’,’’ Tyler’s dad Aaron reported.

‘‘He played it like a professional, pumping and winding, and after about a 10-minute fight, his dad netted it and gave Tyler a high-five – along with all the congratulations from the people gathered around watching Tyler and his commotion!’’

Aaron really rates Lucy’s Wall as a good spot to take the kids fishing.

‘‘It’s got a nice, easy, safe platform and we usually get a feed,’’ he said.

Celebrity bass

POWDERFINGER bass player John Collins is looking for anglers to join him, celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue and TV presenter Ben Dark on their inaugural charity fishing trip off Darwin in support of Youngcare. Rugby league legend Gordon Tallis will also get along.

‘‘JC’s Youngcare Fishing Tour’’, being held off Melville Island from July 15 to 19, is Collins’s first big gig since Powderfinger’s final tour and by all reports he’s looking forward to swapping his bass for trace.

Participants don’t have to have much fishing experience, just a love of adventure, good food and a desire to make a difference.

Youngcare is a national charity that supports young people with high-care needs who face very limited choices in care and housing options.

So baby, if you’ve got this on your mind, visit for info, or contact event manager Bronwyn Glass on (07)30413400, 0408064267 or email at

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