Finger that captured the sentiment of a state

QUEENSLANDERS are a breed apart. We know this because they tell us. All the time.

‘‘We are Queenslanders,’’ said their then-premier Anna Bligh during the floods of 2011.

‘‘We’re the people that they breed tough, north of the border.’’

Queenslanders are not like we foppish dandies who lead our simpering, girly lives south of the border. Be honest. When’s the last time you brought down a wild boar?

And we in the defeated south, especially the southern media, owe these tough Queenslanders an apology.

Some of us, out of jealousy and a lack of toughness, have said untrue things about the all-conquering team who’ve won every State of Origin since 2006.

The ‘‘rats and filth’’, as Maroons coach Mal Meninga called non-approved journalists in a column in which he then congratulated Brisbane’s buildings for defying the floods, have even questioned Queenslanders’ sportsmanship. No joke.

Seven years after making a negative story out of Chris Close’s jolly middle-fingered salute, the rats and filth are at it again. The latest victim is Dave Taylor, whose raised digit on Wednesday night captured the collective sentiment of the sunshine state.

And you know what? Sportsmanship, schmortsmanship. That’s how winners act and there should be more of it.

Imagine, for instance, how much better the immortal moments of sportsmanship would have been if Big Dave was around.

Provan and Summons embracing in the mud? Wusses! One of them had just lost. Give ’em the finger.

Andrew Flintoff consoling Brett Lee in 2005 at Edgbaston? Aw, how sweet. Here’s some consolation. It’s at the end of our finger.

And what was that Sydney crowd thinking as they cheered on Eric the Eel? He wasn’t a Queenslander. And, um, hello – he didn’t win.

Fingers all round

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