Big bickies for Telstra

A NEW way to make massive profits: print the phone directories so small that people have no option but to call Telstra, or their provider, to get residential and business numbers.

For a Yellow Pages inquiry at Telstra you pay $1.75. You also pay an extra 99¢ if you agree to be connected to that number. Then, on top of that, comes the cost of the call. For the White Pages, the cost to find a number is set by the various providers. Add another 99¢ if you say yes to being connected, then add the call charges on top of that.

Because of the number of people needing to phone for directory numbers, the potential profit must be massive. Not a bad income when the lines are already there, so Telstra’s only cost is more of those annoying voice machines.

It seems to me the telecommunications ombudsman is sleeping on the job.

Sophia Campbell, Dudley

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