Brothers face jail for murder, manslaughter

CHAD Shedden faces the prospect of a jail term roughly double the nine years his younger brother John received yesterday, but the Sydney Supreme Court heard that it was John’s future that might be the bleaker of the two.

Ostracised by his own family, John Shedden, 33, cut a lonely figure as he was jailed for a minimum of six years and nine months after previously pleading guilty to the manslaughter of Joshua Maynard in a Raymond Terrace street in June 2010.

Justice Elizabeth Fullerton noted that the younger Shedden had spent all of his two years on remand in protected custody after receiving threats from his family because of the assistance he provided to police and his agreement to testify against his brother, which he backed out of at the last minute.

No one had visited him in jail, the court heard, and his wife had filed for divorce.

Chad Shedden, 34, has been visited by his mother and girlfriend.

He was convicted by a jury this year of murdering Joshua Maynard, 21, in Links Drive following a number of clashes between rival groups of young men.

He asserted he acted in self-defence when he shot Mr Maynard in the chest about midnight on June 29, but Justice Fullerton said yesterday that she was more inclined to believe the evidence of Mr Maynard’s friends who said he was unarmed.

When asked how he felt about Mr Maynard’s death, Chad Shedden said yesterday: ‘‘Not good. I’m very sorry for the loss of Joshua Maynard.’’

When sentencing John, Justice Fullerton said he took part in a ‘‘violent and premeditated attack’’ on the carload of young men that included Mr Maynard.

She said she still struggled to understand why the Sheddens felt the need to help a group of younger men deal with Mr Maynard’s group after Mr Maynard had bashed a teenager several hours before his death.

‘‘Rather than counselling the younger men against retaliation, [John] recruited others to join him to mount a retaliatory attack,’’ Justice Fullerton said.

The chief recruit was Chad, who carried a shortened gun up the sleeve of his jacket, producing it seconds before he pulled the trigger.

Mr Maynard died on the way to hospital.

John Shedden will be eligible for parole in January 2017.

Chad Shedden will be sentenced in August.

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