Cut out all this crudity

I FIND the racist stickers that are plastered on vehicles in and around the Hunter Region very disturbing. Many of these stickers are extremely racist, with lewd slogans, such as, ‘‘F--k off, we are full’’ or ‘‘If you don’t love it, leave’’. Recently I saw quite a large slogan on the back of a vehicle that read: ‘‘Save the whales, harpoon a Jap instead.’’ This is distasteful, and puts this country in a negative light for visitors from overseas and immigrants who have recently settled here.

Australia is an expansive melting pot, and we need to embrace everyone. The irony is that most of those who display such crude slogans drive Japanese vehicles, and no doubt love eating their kebabs after a boozy, bogan night out on the town.

Margot Stockley, East Maitland

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