Seeking more Sizzlers

THIS town’s copped its share of disappointment.

The BHP closure. David Jones pulling out. Darius Boyd.

But has a crueller stake pierced our collective heart than the demise of our Sizzlers?

The Charlestown and Broadmeadow franchises, which were around in the late ’80s and early ’90s, helped make Novocastrians what they are today. Quite literally, in many cases. Some never worked it off.

The magic was all down to four irresistible words. All. You. Can. Eat.

Whatever the season, the hordes would stampede to the salad bar like lusty wildebeest and peer through the sneeze-proof perspex, panting.

All you can eat. It sounded too good to be true and maybe it was. Something put them out of business.

But now, like the scent of cheese toast that once wafted through Sizzler, a change is in the air. A campaign is gathering pace to bring Sizzler back to Newy.

It’s happening on Twitter, and we’ve traced it back to Herald sports scribe Brett Keeble.

‘‘It’s not enough for Qld to win 7 straight Origin series,’’ he tweeted on Thursday, for example. ‘‘They still get to have Sizzler as well.’’

There are hundreds of tweets in support. Or dozens. At least a dozen. And sure, most of them are from Keeble, but we think he’s struck a chord.

So we put a call straight to Sizzler’s CEO. We got an answer from his executive assistant, who said through her PA that there are no plans for more Sizzler franchises, but thanks for our interest in the company. We told her she was welcome.

So, hungry, cheese toast-deprived reader, we’re going to need a plan B. How do we get Sizzler back in our fair city?

In case you need inspiration, think of expat Novocastrian Andrew Waugh who, as a teenager, was actually asked to leave Charlestown Sizzler following a four-hour all-you-can-eat session.

These are the kids we’re letting down.

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