Men who rescued boy from Rottweilers hailed as heroes

TWO men who wrestled with a pair of out-of-control guard dogs which had attacked a young boy are being hailed as heroes for saving the youngster’s life.

The boy, 10, was walking with two girls along a Toronto West street when two Rottweilers attacked him on Sunday afternoon.

The dogs continued to savage the boy until Luke Self and his mate Steve Rebesco ran to the child’s aid.

They jumped on the two dogs, before wrestling them away from the boy so he could make his escape.

Both men received significant injuries when the dogs turned on them.

‘‘It felt like we were there for a week but they probably had him for 45 seconds before we got there,’’ Mr Self said.

‘‘Everyone would have done what we did.

‘‘I have two young girls myself and it could have easily happened to them.’’

But witness Kimberley Wright, who gave the badly injured child first aid once he escaped from the dogs’ jaws, said the men probably saved his life.

‘‘It was horrendous, thank God those guys were there,’’ Mrs Wright said.

‘‘If these boys had not have been there that little boy wouldn’t have survived this.’’

The boy suffered severe wounds to his arm and leg and remained in the John Hunter Childrens Hospital in a stable condition.

The dogs, which had been guard dogs at a nearby business, have been destroyed.

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