The rudderless Guides

SO the Girl Guides are just to be ‘‘true to themselves’’ and ‘‘modern’’ (‘‘So help me God, Guides now true to themselves’’ Herald H1 7/7). No understanding that we do have a duty to obey God, who has given us all that we have. Where is their basis for discerning right and wrong? Will any pathway do to develop their beliefs? Just do what they feel like doing? No such thing as absolute truth? All religions and beliefs of equal value?

Sadly, the beliefs of many children these days have been shaped more by Harry Potter novels and the thrill of occult horror entertainment than by the Bible. We see the results in increasing violence and drug addiction, as young people find no meaning to life.

The Queen has given 60 years’ unswerving service to the Commonwealth of Nations. Does that mean nothing to the Guides?

Christina Naylor, Mayfield

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