Rottweilers attack rescuers

ARMED with only their bare hands and adrenalin, two men put themselves at serious risk by fighting off a pair of vicious rottweilers threatening to kill a young boy they had attacked as he walked down a suburban street.

New Toronto West resident Luke Self and mate Steve Rebesco, of Stockton, look set to be recommended for bravery awards after coming to the aid of the 10-year-old boy who was being savaged by the two guard dogs after they had become loose from a nearby business yard late on Sunday afternoon.

‘‘It was horrendous, thank God those guys were there,’’ resident Kimberley Wright said. ‘‘If these boys had not been there that little boy wouldn’t have survived this.’’

The boy, who lived nearby, has undergone surgery for serious soft tissue injuries to his right inner thigh and upper arm.

He was listed as being in a stable condition in John Hunter Children’s Hospital last night.

The boy had been walking along Cockatiel Street with two girls when the large dogs came bounding from nearby bush and attacked him.

Mrs Wright said they were mauling him on the arm and leg ‘‘like it was tug-o-war’’ when Mr Self and Mr Rebesco came sprinting down the street.

‘‘I heard the most horrific screaming – it was enough to make you jump and run,’’ Mrs Wright said.

‘‘The two men just jumped on these dogs with their bare hands.’’

The pair were able to get the dogs off the badly injured boy, who was whisked to safety by other residents as the dogs turned on their attackers.

Mr Self suffered puncture wounds to his left arm after fending off the most aggressive animal as it came for his head and neck.

Mr Rebesco needed stitches to a bad wound to his hand.

‘‘It felt like we were there for a week, but they probably had him for 45 seconds before we got there,’’ Mr Self said.

‘‘Everyone would have done what we did.

‘‘I have two young girls myself and it could have easily happened to them.’’

Mrs Wright, who continued to treat the boy’s wounds before paramedics arrived, said she knew the children well.

‘‘He was so brave, he did not shed a tear despite the horrific injuries,’’ she said.

Lake Macquarie local area commander Superintendent Craig Rae confirmed he had asked for a report before a recommendation could be placed for both men to receive bravery awards.

The rottweilers had come from a business yard a few hundred metres from the attack scene belonging to Lampsons, a crane company, which made headlines in May when its Australian owner Phil Lunn was killed in a murder-suicide.

Both dogs were destroyed on Sunday.

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