Clever solar payments

THIS is a new take on getting a price increase from EnergyAustralia. It seems that IPART has increased payments from the retailer for solar power by 1.7¢ a kWh – but a letter from EnergyAustralia shows that instead of getting a total of 66¢ a kWh, we are now only to get 60¢. It is a pity it doesn’t do this type of accounting when increasing our power bills.

We all know that Barry O’Farrell tried a while ago to reduce payments to those of us who had installed solar power. Now it seems EnergyAustralia has found another way to reduce payments – which we expected it to honour in good faith – by using creative accountancy. I can see the spin on this later, with EnergyAustralia explaining how it has increased payments to us because of the carbon tax – without mentioning it reduced payments through devious ways. Then, living in NSW, we should be getting used to all this.

Leslie Woodard, Beresfield

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