Airport peccadilloes

AT Newcastle Airport recently I was stopped by security personnel because the portable trolley I was using for my carry-on luggage had an ‘‘occy’’ strap on it. Apparently, as told to me by one of the security people, Newcastle is the only airport in NSW that requires these straps not be used with carry-on luggage, as they could be used to strangle someone.

I had to take the strap back to the car and carry the bag myself, which wasn’t a problem at Newcastle – but I found that in carrying it to the car area at Brisbane it was quite heavy and uncomfortable.

I asked why international flights have never worried about it, and nor had Newcastle the previous three times. I was told it was ‘‘missed’’. Three times? If these straps can be used to strangle someone, can’t the same be said for scarves, ties, belts or detachable straps from handbags and backpacks? If I was being strangled with an ‘‘occy’’ strap I would simply pull it away from my throat and over my head. After all, it stretches.

Rosemary Robinson, Stanford Merthyr

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