Spiritually on the ball

IS Newcastle Basketball Stadium haunted or not?

Well. A team of investigators spent the night there, and some of them think it is. They also found that whatever’s haunting it has a habit of slamming doors.

Maybe it’s the ghost of a jerk.

The stadium, as we’ve covered previously, has been scaring people with its mysterious voices and self-opening fire doors.

General manager Ivan Spyrdz hired Eastern States Paranormal to investigate. The plan was for them to be locked in on Thursday night, emerging hopefully alive on Friday the 13th. Which is just asking for trouble.

‘‘Hopefully it puts this to bed, and we won’t have to change our name from the Newcastle Hunters to the Newcastle Haunters,’’ Spyrdz said.

You don’t have to be psychic to tell he was proud of that one.

Investigator Anne Rzechowwicz said her team still had to go through 80 hours of footage and recordings from that night, but ‘‘our psychics would tell you hands down the place is haunted’’.

A toilet door shut itself several times for no obvious reason, for example, and a white noise recorder picked up a woman’s voice saying ‘‘help me’’.

We’ll keep you posted on their findings. Meanwhile, still go to the stadium but be careful around doors. That’s just generally good advice.

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