Bargains make you a Winn-er

EVER bought a pair of pants from Winn’s? Do you still wear them?

If you do, they’re probably about 100 years old, so it might be time for a wardrobe upgrade.

Winn and Co were a clothes retailer (or ‘‘drapery’’) that traded on Hunter Street in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

We’d never heard of them until Kahibah reader Bruce Donaldson mentioned he had a catalogue from 1908.

Winn’s ‘‘big pulling-down sale’’ sounds like it wasn’t to be missed. There were, after all, ‘‘big bargains in all departments’’.

The bargains included ‘‘men’s butcher drill shirts’’ and ‘‘natural merino underpants’’.

And it wasn’t just men who could save. Boys could get in on the bargains and turn heads at the same time with ‘‘boys’ dark tweed sailor suits’’.

Mr Donaldson’s partner Daphne Hughes has dug up a 1956 Melbourne Olympics edition of the Women’s Weekly.

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