Governor a standout

QUICK. Someone tell us something good about the Shire.

Not the show – that ship’s sailed. We mean the place.

Has anyone worthwhile sprung from the loins of Sydney south?

Let’s see. Wes Naiqama was born in Sutherland, and went to James Cook Technology High. The local member is Scott Morrison. O-kay.

Oh look. Ricky Ponting, who grew up in Launceston, has made the Shire home. As has actor Brendan Cowell. And Nathan Beeves, who was runner-up in the fourth season of The Mole.

Fans of E Street and Australia’s Funniest Home Videos will need no introduction to Cronulla’s Toni Pearen, and who could forget Our Lara (Bingle, who’s from Yowie Bay but has a nanna in Port Stephens)?

OK. You’re right. We’re scraping the barrel. But wait. What’s this? Here’s one who makes up for the rest. Are you sitting down?

Glenn Stevens. He lives in the Shire. Yes, the Glenn Stevens. One of the smartest, most serious people in the country, possibly the world.

It’s hard to reconcile. The Governor of the Reserve Bank, who’s so disciplined he doesn’t even have hair, shares a neighbourhood with that fake tan girl who wants to get more botox despite warnings from her doctor that her top lip is on the brink of merging with her nose. The place must have something going for it.

So never mind lobbying for the show to be banned, Sutherland Shire Council. Just erect billboards of Glenn Stevens with the caption: ‘‘Kid, put down the Xbox controller. You can be something’’.

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