All The Colours in Newcastle

WHAT is there to do when you don’t play sports? Start a band.

Certainly worked a treat for four Melbourne mates who are All The Colours.

Josh Moriarty (Miami Horror), Josh Mann, Jono Toogood and Joe Bramley (Betchadupa) bring their brand of ‘‘progressive vintage pop’’ to Newcastle tonight.

Moriarty spoke to LIVE ahead of their support show for NZ indie pop singer Ladyhawke.

You’re all mates, how did you end up making music together?

Three out of the four of us were pals from primary school, it just seemed to happen. We weren’t really big sports guys (apart from Joe, who plays rugby), so music was the alternative.

You’ve described your sound as ‘‘progressive vintage’’?

It’s taking classic influences but using them in a different way, twisting them around and fusing them to make something new. A new sound, but familiar at the same time.

What influences your music?

Life, literature, films, women, so many other bands. Everything really.

Is it nice for you to have another creative outlet separate from Miami Horror?

It is indeed. Miami Horror is more Ben Plant’s band, this is my band, so it’s great to be able to express different emotions and styles of music. I have always loved playing in a band where it is just four people, no backing tracks or synths, nothing to stop the song from going wherever you want to take it.

Why is it important for a band to have respect for their audience?

Because they are the reason you are there, without them it’s just band practice. Traditionally musicians and singers were there as entertainers, to give people a show. I think something changed in the last 20 years or so where the artist can feel like they are above the audience, but that shouldn’t be the case.

Is it important to perform music which makes people want to get up and dance? Does that make it more enjoyable for you?

I don’t think it’s something everyone should do. Many of my favourite singers and bands don’t make music you can dance to, it’s just something we really want to do. All the early Beatles stuff is so up and dancey, but they changed their style later on. I guess it’s just where we are at the moment.

Do you have plans to record an EP or album?

Currently working on an album, I didn’t feel an EP was necessary. It’s coming along, we’ve had some great people working on it. I’m really excited to get it done and get it out there for people.

Are you looking forward to being on the road with Ladyhawke?

It’s going to be great. Pip is an old friend of ours so it will be lovely to spend some time with her. And also just playing lots of shows with a professional band, it’s a good vibe.

How do you adapt your sound from the studio to the stage?

It’s not too dissimilar really. Our recordings aren’t totally overdone with things we can’t do live. The only difference is we jam a lot more live, putting a song through its paces.

All The Colours support Ladyhawke at the Cambridge Hotel tonight. Tickets at Moshtix.

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