Online charity page helps pay for dog's chemo

WHEN Richard Win’s beloved dog Nutmeg was diagnosed with lymphoma in February, he knew he had ‘‘no other option to keep her alive’’.

But in the months since, Mr Win has spent every spare moment walking from door to door, organised fund-raisers, and set up a website to try to pay for expensive chemotherapy treatment.

He estimates he has covered most of Newcastle pounding the pavement and delivering flyers for the nine-year-old beagle he has cared for since she was a pup.

‘‘When you get pushed up against the wall you do become resourceful,’’ Mr Win said. ‘‘It’s hard work, but I’ve got no other option to keep her alive.’’

The Woodstore Cafe at Maryville has held a fund-raiser for Nutmeg as Mr Win attempts to raise $7000 for her treatment.

So far, he has raised about $3000, mostly from strangers who have come across his page on the Go Fund Me website.

‘‘She’s my world ... she’s almost like a daughter,’’ Mr Win said.

On the website, Mr Win has been posting updates about Nutmeg’s treatment at Greencross Vets at Lambton and her progress.

She has about two months of chemotherapy remaining, enjoys a good quality of life and shows positive signs of going into remission.

‘‘She has been amazingly tough and I am very proud of her,’’ Mr Win wrote on the site.

‘‘She does not complain, if she has a bad day she goes off by herself, I know she wants to be alone.

‘‘As for myself ... I am deep in debt and at times it seems hard to carry on sometimes.

‘‘I still deliver flyers and such but ask me if I’m happy, I look at moments such as her sleeping contentedly under her [favourite] blanket and say ‘You bet’.’’

Mr Win’s site can be found at ">

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