Heat’s on firefighters

WHAT does the current NSW government have against our firefighters ? First it was cuts to their Workers Compensation and now employee-related expenses are to be cut by $7.6million 2012/13 and cumulative $64million from its budget over the next four years. It is envisaged that there may be local fire stations taken off line and a cut back on overtime.

American Rush Limbaugh stated: ‘‘Police and firefighters are nice to have, but they take away from private sector jobs and contribute nothing to the economy’’.

Is this reflective of how the NSW government now feels about our emergency service personnel?

If there are cuts to overtime does this mean when a firefighter is carrying a victim down a ladder from a burning building, they will suddenly look at their watch and if it goes over knock-off time then they have to drop the victim and go home?

The prospect of such savage cuts is only going to end up hurting local communities. With a predicted very hot summer on the way, we need our fire fighters more than ever. The public won’t forget this come the next state election.

Leesa Warren, Lake Munmorah

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