Up on the plasma

LABOR councillors are giving blood. Hmmm. Let’s consult our cliche generator.

Politics is a blood sport.


How about more blood-letting by the council? Or Labor?

OK, we’ll stop.

The trio of Newcastle City councillors Sharon Claydon and Tim Crakanthorp and candidate Jason Dunn served up some of their finest blood last week.

“We’re donating to help boost supplies, and it’s time for people to roll up their sleeves and follow our lead,” Mr Dunn said.

He means the other councillors.

‘‘Great,’’ the other councillors are saying as they read this.

‘‘Thanks a lot.’’

But with supplies constantly running low, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your next emergency surgery will be fuelled by Buman blood? Or Claydon claret? Or Tate type-B?

If you want to give blood (even if you’re not a councillor) call 131495 or visit donateblood.com.au.

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