It’s torture, not ‘culling’

I WAS horrified to see a TV program showing footage of large hunting dogs attacking and mauling to death some small wild pigs in an enclosed pen. One wild pig was limping around with his intestines protruding. Their screams of pain and agony were gut-wrenching. You could even hear the person who was taking the footage laughing in the background while the pig was being killed by the dogs. No feral animal should be tortured like this.

Wild pigs need to be culled, but it should be done quickly and humanely. Are these the sort of people who are being allowed to hunt in our national parks? Imagine what atrocities are being inflicted on the other so-called feral animals, knowing that no one will witness or monitor the killings. And some of the animals may not be feral.

Would a professional hunter do this – or do they all degrade themselves by allowing their dogs to take part in this deplorable and cruel blood sport?

Linda Hall, New Lambton

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