Coal train dust, noise horrors revealed at night

THE dust and noise produced by coal trains travelling close to homes in suburbs such as Mayfield is getting steadily worse, residents say.

When she bought her house in Upfold Street, Mayfield, 2 years ago, Frances Munt felt she had made the right decision.

She had spent half a day staking out the neighbourhood, gauging just how much noise she would be exposed to, but it wasn’t until she moved into her house, directly opposite the Australian Rail Track Corporation’s Hunter Valley coal railway line, that she realised most coal trains travelled at night.

Since then rail traffic, and the associated noise and ‘‘sticky’’ dust, has increased significantly, Ms Munt said.

‘‘The ceiling in the house next door collapsed in a few rooms because of the weight of the coal dust and created a huge issue for them and they have since moved out,’’ she said.

Ms Munt’s home faces the end of a wall that runs along the railway line opposite the houses to the south of her home along Upfold Street.

She has asked the corporation to extend that wall but was told it was not ‘‘part of the plan’’, Ms Munt said.

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