Not everything is rosy

I AM writing in response to two letters. The first was about noise pollution in Stockton (‘‘Kooragang noise a nightly burden’’ 27/4) and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) apparently not doing anything to stop it. It’s my understanding that Kooragang Island will be zoned as industrial land, and therefore may operate 24hours a day, every day, and there is nothing residents or the EPA can do about the noise.

The second letter was about alleged torture of feral pigs (‘‘It’s torture, not culling’’ 27/4). According to the legislation, only professionals will be allowed to hunt in the national parks – and they are required to have a restricted game licence. They must be able to recognise every animal in the park and target only what they are told to by the Game Council of NSW. This is totally different from people who get cross-breed dogs and go out chasing feral pigs. They require no licence and can do what they like to the feral animals without any consequences.

Tom Sherwood, Mayfield

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