Girl imprisoned for brutal assault

A GIRL, 14, brutally bashed another student at a Kotara bus stop after she was called a ‘‘houso’’ on Facebook, Broadmeadow Children’s Court heard yesterday.

The offender, who was imprisoned for a minimum of two months, sat on the victim and punched her 14 times in the head before stomping on the girl’s stomach and kicking her in the head three or four times on the afternoon of May 31, a statement of facts said.

The bashing was filmed on another girl’s mobile phone with the offender later apologising to the victim’s sister via text message where she wrote: ‘‘I’m so sorry babe, I didn’t mean to hurt her that bad. I’m so so so so so sorry! xoxo’’.

The victim may have lost consciousness for several minutes after the attack and suffered cuts and bruises to her head, face and body. She did not suffer any broken bones, but a shoe print was left on one of her arms, the statement said.

The offender was previously suspended from her high school for 21 days and the girl’s mother has had trouble controlling her, the statement said. The only item on her criminal record was a caution for shoplifting a year ago.

An apprehended violence order protecting the victim means the offender cannot return to her school, the statement said.

The girls have known each other for several years, but it was not until about two years ago the offender began to dislike the victim after the victim made comments about the offender on Facebook.

The offender threatened the victim and her sister before she confronted the victim at the bus stop outside Westfield Kotara, the statement said.

The offender said, ‘‘Did you call me a houso?’’ to which the victim replied, ‘‘Yes’’.

The offender punched the victim once to which the victim replied, ‘‘Don’t hit me’’.

The offender said, ‘‘I’ll do whatever the f--- I want. You want to say it again? ... Let’s fight now, one on one, right here right now’’.

Another girl dragged the victim to the ground by the hair before the offender sat on the victim and attacked her.

‘‘I’m gonna kick in your f---ing head. I’ll f---ing kill ya,’’ the offender said.

The victim’s mouth filled with blood and one of her teeth was loosened after she was kicked in the face.

The offender wrote on Facebook: ‘‘OMFG GET IT RIGHT! I walked up to her, asked her why the f--- she called me a houso whore & she said yeah, then I hit her, then I was like one on one but she was like, nuh, so I hit her again ...’’

The offender was sentenced to seven months’ imprisonment with a non-parole period of two months.

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