Hunt pigs the right way

AS a hunter with a game meat field harvesting licence, which allows me to chase, catch, kill and sell feral pigs for export, I was not happy with the recent video of the pig being tortured, which has started a debate about pig hunters. It is the small minority that gets the publicity and brings the majority down.

I can tell you that farmers are calling me all the time to come and rid their properties of feral pigs. I can tell you also of a few places where illegal hunters go through fences and locked gates to chase pigs. Some farmers have had enough – even to the point where they are shooting guns to warn off the illegal hunters.

I use and breed my own dogs and I have a shooters licence. All my dogs are chipped, vaccinated, registered and fitted with tracking devices while hunting, so they don’t get lost. There are a lot of responsible hunters keeping Australia free from feral animals. Don’t put us all in the heartless category.

Jason Stephen, Eleebana

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