Family supports jail for teen's attacker

THE mother of a teenage girl who was brutally bashed at a busy Kotara bus stop has applauded the stance taken by the Children’s Court by jailing the 14-year-old attacker.

The Newcastle Herald reported yesterday that the offender was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment with a non-parole period of two months.

She had pleaded guilty to punching the victim in the head 14 times, kicking her in the head three or four times and stomping on the victim’s stomach once.

The victim, now 15, was psychologically scarred and continued to have difficulties with her eyesight, her mother said yesterday.

Broadmeadow Children’s Court heard that the victim was attacked after she called the offender a ‘‘houso’’, but the victim’s mother said the attack came after more than two years of abuse and threats.

‘‘My daughter had never heard of [the offender] when she got a call from her about two years ago,’’ the mother, who cannot be identified, said.

‘‘[The offender’s] boyfriend had commented on how attractive my daughter was and [the offender] has begun abusing my daughter.’’

The abuse turned into threats against the victim’s younger sister at a Newcastle high school as well as the rest of the family for two years until the bashing outside Westfield Kotara on May 31, the victim’s mother said.

‘‘The shock for me was that she wasn’t just hit, she was thrashed,’’ the mother said.

‘‘I know there’s been a lot in the media about bullying ... but I think the best thing to come out of this is the jail sentence the court handed down [on Monday].

‘‘That sends a really strong message to the community that this sort of thing isn’t going to be tolerated.’’

The next step for the victim is to return to regular schooling and a normal life.

She was knocked unconscious and suffered cuts and bruises to her face and body.

A shoe print was left on one of her arms.

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