Constance distraction

WE thought this camel at Honeysuckle was a fun addition to the streetscape, until it turned out to be the most dangerous camel since that one that sells cigarettes.

Well, that might be an exaggeration.

But it’s already cost a Topics reader $600.

‘‘When they were installing the camel,’’ says our reader, ‘‘I was driving along Honeysuckle Drive and was distracted.’’

She promptly ran up the back of a car. No one was hurt, and our reader’s car was fine. But the other car, she tells us, a ‘‘shiny new Honda’’, wasn’t so lucky. The excess bill was $600.

Driver distractions aside, we like Honeysuckle’s latest art installation.

The sculpture, named Constance, was made by artists Suzie Bleach and Andrew Townsend with the support of the Newcastle Museum and Newcastle Art Gallery.

A closer inspection reveals that Constance is built from metal and covered in rivets and bolts.

Her belly is filled with symbols of Newcastle’s industrial and immigrant past.

‘‘The hammer and sewing machine speak of industry, the canary is a reference to coalmining, the ukulele speaks of the music that all people bring with them and the books are the literature and photo albums that define us,” the pair said of their creation.

The camel might also represent how this city has been planned. A horse designed by committee.

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