TOPICS: Trash talk pulled winter swimmer back to reality

EVER had one of those blinding winter days that gave you a rush of blood to the head and resulted in you going for a swim?

This guy had a moment like that at Bar Beach, but it didn’t last long.

Our man – who’s from The Junction, is a former pro surfer (not MR) and preferred not to be named – was in and out in minutes. His refreshing dip was cut short when he found himself knee-deep in rubbish.

‘‘It’s mainly these bits of plastic and the Chupa Chup sticks,’’ he told us.

We also noticed tangles of ribbon and styrofoam. Topics found the guy on hands and knees picking up as much litter as he could. He was minding his own business; we approached him.

The beach was all but deserted, and it’s hard to say for sure that locals left it strewn with rubbish.

One theory we offered was that it all came from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also known (Professor Wiki tells us) as the Pacific Trash Vortex. It’s a part of the ocean ‘‘characterised by high concentrations of pelagic plastics, chemical sludge and other debris that have been trapped by the currents’’.

Or maybe someone had a party.

Whatever. Good on you, anonymous guy.

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