Life can conquer pain

BEING John Pirona’s workmate and a victim of child sexual abuse myself at a young age, it touched me deeply when I found that John took his own life as a result of the pain becoming too much from his own earlier experiences.

With more abuse now coming to light, partly due to victims gaining courage to speak up, I feel the government needs to take a stance, investigate these crimes and find the truth. The organisations involved have to take responsibility and stop hiding acts of this nature.

Carrying this pain myself for 23 years before speaking up cut deep into my soul and changed my life. I have trust issues, particularly with males, and find it difficult to maintain a relationship. I have lost a soul mate and considered ending my own pain. Thankfully, I had support from family and friends and found it does get better.

If you see a friend or person struggling, reach out and offer support. If you are a person with this pain, talk to a friend, a professional or call Lifeline on 131 114. You do find the beauty this world has to offer and learn to deal with the pain you carry.

Paul Tippett, Merewether

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