The hidden power play

I RECEIVED my electricity bill recently and was concerned at the message stating that the ‘‘carbon tax and green energy schemes’’ are causing price rises. After reading the letter by Peter Morris (‘‘Politics on power bills’’ 1/8) I was moved to read the IPART explanation of electricity price rises as well.

It says that about half of this year’s price rises are due to rising network costs – that is, poles and wires – and the other half due to the introduction of the carbon price.

The federal government is compensating most people for the increase caused by the introduction of a carbon price. But the state government offers no compensation for the price rises it is driving.

I think Premier Barry O’Farrell’s decision to force energy retailers to print this message on power bills will come back to bite him – it just highlights how much the state government is contributing to price rises without admitting it or doing anything about it.

Carmen Richardson, Fern Bay

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