Flo Rider ditches Topics

YOU know how it goes.

You try to help a mate by reminding him he owes $400,000, and next thing he’s blocked you on Twitter.

That’s happened to us, dear reader, at the hands of Flo Rida (pictured). It’s OK, we’re not upset. We’ve just got something in our eye.

Flo, as you’ll have read yesterday and today, has an unfortunate habit of not showing up to things. First it was Fat As Butter. Then it was the NSW District Court.

That’s it, we thought. Flo was surrounded by enough yes-men. It was time for some real talk.

‘‘Hey Flo, this is awkward,’’ we tweeted him, ‘‘but have you got that $400K?’’

Silence. Silence. We waited, confident the rapper would recognise real friendship when he saw it. More silence.

Worried, we clicked on his Twitter profile.

‘‘You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user.’’

Man, that’s cold.

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